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Platform Consolidation

  • Enables an IoT Service provider of any size to manage their solution on a single platform.
  • With EOT Cloud the Service provider can manage their connectivity regardless of their Network Operators, can enable their business regardless of the AEP they selected and bill their customers all on a single platform.



EyesOnT uses unique patent pending algorithms , to optimization an IoT deployments connectivity costs , reducing costs by up to 20%  Learn More > 


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usage monitoring and analysis


Platform on Behalf

EOT's unique Platform on Behalf capabilities allows a Service provider of any size to offer their Customers a fast go to market solution for all their business requirements , such as billing , application enablement and connectivity.

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About Us

Established in 2004, Rizotec develops the EyesOnT connectivity monitoring and optimization system for MVNOs, MNOs, and Enterprises. EyesonT analyses real-time usage, billing, and rate plan data to detect anomalies and inefficiencies, while using alarms and automated steps to proactively reduce inefficient connectivity costs and faults well before the end of the billing cycle.
Rizotec’s team brings extensive experience in design, development, and integration of telecommunications management and monitoring products. Among its clients are leading telecom equipment manufacturers, operators and service providers, including Cisco, NSN, Telit, Vodafone.

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