Connectivity Management Platform

EyesOnT Connectivity Management Platform provides Mobile Operators and their IoT customers mission critical self- services capabilities, needed to control and manage large and rapidly growing deployments.



EyesOnT is the only solution that integrates seamlessly into the existing BSS and Core, therefor utilizing the operators technical and procedural Infrastructure, providing an efficient and agile solution, without requiring expensive additional infrastructure.

Sim Management

End-customers can independently manage their deployments, dramatically decreasing the number of support calls. Through the portal or via APIs, the customer can view important information about each of their devices (e.g. ID, location, current rate plan, etc.), perform actions, such as activation and deactivation, and perform configuration changes, such as changing a rate plan or IP Address.

automatic deactivation




EyesOnT offers a comprehensive set of customizable dashboards that provide an aggregated view of the deployment’s connectivity data analysis. Usage patterns, connectivity costs, non-preferred roaming utilization are all displayed in easy-to-understand graphs.


Real-time alerts

EyesOnT offers real-time alerts on potential faults and connectivity cost-related issues based on sophisticated algorithms that can detect abnormal behavior. The alerts, which are sent via email, SMS, SNMP and API, can be related to individual SIMs, a region, and up to the entire deployment.


usage monitoring and analysis

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By analyzing usage patterns, EyesOnT can predict the actual usage for the entire month. Based on this analysis, EyesOnT provides MVNOs with the ability to optimize the allocation of SIMs into bundle plans (e.g. to move a SIM to a larger or smaller plan). The reallocation of the SIMs is performed automatically or in a single click.

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About Us

Established in 2004, Rizotec develops the EyesOnT connectivity monitoring and optimization system for MVNOs, MNOs, and Enterprises. EyesonT analyses real-time usage, billing, and rate plan data to detect anomalies and inefficiencies, while using alarms and automated steps to proactively reduce inefficient connectivity costs and faults well before the end of the billing cycle.
Rizotec’s team brings extensive experience in design, development, and integration of telecommunications management and monitoring products. Among its clients are leading telecom equipment manufacturers, operators and service providers, including Cisco, NSN, Telit, Vodafone.

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