Cellcom Israel Launches EyesOnT as its M2M and IOT Connected Device Management Platform

Cellcom Israel, Israel’s largest mobile network operator, has selected EyesOnT as its IOT/M2M Connected Device Management platform for SIM management, monitoring, and analytics. As part of the project, EyesOnT was integrated with Cellcom Israel’s BSS systems. Based on the EyesOnT platform’s self-service portal, Cellcom Israel’s IoT customers are able to independently manage their Subscribers throughout the entire deployment and down to the individual SIM level, while performing a variety of actions, such as provisioning of SIMs and deployment of configuration changes, editing the SIM’s APN, IP, and more.

Cellcom Israel’s M2M and IOT customers will be able to monitor their entire deployment through a wide variety of dashboards. The dashboards display aggregated analysis of technical and business-related data regarding their deployment. Customers will also receive important alerts on abnormal behaviors, theft and others.

The EyesOnT system analyses real-time usage, location, connectivity debug,  billing, and rate plan data to detect anomalies and inefficiencies, while using alarms and automated steps to proactively reduce inefficient connectivity costs and faults well before the end of the billing cycle

“Unlike regular users, the IOT devices do not report immediately when something goes wrong. Consequently, in order to manage their vast deployments, IOT customers must gain visibility and control. By providing this type of visibility and control, Cellcom Israel will be able to provide its customers with higher quality of service and more predictability in terms of costs.” Said Liran Kessel, EyesOnT’s CEO.

Ron Shvili, Cellcom Israel CTO : ” Cellcom Israel as the largest cellular provider in Israel, understood that it is not enough providing its customers solely M2M SIMs for connectivity.

Together with EyesOnT, we have productized and developed a tailor made solution to provide a self-service CDP (“Connected Device Platform”) that fits the demands raised by our largest M2M customers.

That solution helps the customers to monitor and manage the connectivity of their M2M and IOT devices, their usage and provide tools to act and solve issues by themselves in real time.

We have already deployed some new releases and features answering customers demand from the time the platform had been launched and also have clear roadmap to enrich it even more.”


Cellcom Israel’s  Connected Device platform was soft-launched on Q3 of 2016 and already gained some important large M2M customers.


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